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Video Capturix

After the first reboot my computer is giving a error message "OLEAUT32.DLL error" ?

I have a older version of Video Capturix installed can i install Video Capturix 2007 ?

ATI Card's with new WDM Driver does not work. Any suggestion ?

Does Capturix software supports Windows ME ?

Can't find my device in Video Capturix Device List.

Capturix Registration

Do I need to uninstall the trial version and then download the full version ?

Video Capturix

Would Video Capturix work with my video capture card/webcam ?

What is the best settings to record a small video clip to send via e-mail ?

I have problems capturing video clips with audio...

Capturix Registration

I have problem uploading images to FTP Server with Windows 2000, Video Capture Locks.

Capturix VideoSpy

After upgrading to Version 3.04 or higher i cannot see Live Video when previewing, how can i fix it ?

Capturix Registration

Capturix Scanshare service stop or don't start, what to do ?

Capturix ScanShare

Capturix Scanshare service stop or don't start, what to do ?

I use a Firewall how can i unlock Capturix ScanShare ?

How to configure with ZoneAlarm Firewall ?

Can Capturix ScanShare work with IIS ?

Capturix ScanShare does not respond to Scan/Copy operations...

Capturix ScanShare will work with Windows 95/98/Me ?

Capturix Scanshare does not print on network printer...

How can i access from remote computers ?


MobileDriveSync is compatible with all removable USB drives ?

If I buy MobileDriveSync i will get free upgrades even years later ?

I have 2 computers do i have to buy 2 MobileDriveSync licenses ?

MobileDriveSync does not show my external HDD device, how can i fix it ?

Capturix ScanShare

Under Windows 2000 setup application is unable to register a DLL/OCX !

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